• Project:
    Future design of a public transport stop
  • Year:
  • Tools:
    Delfts Innovation Step Model (DIM), internal and external analysis, Solidworks and Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

The outdoor furniture branch is based on municipalities concessions. It is common that tenders should be formulated in a short period of time, which requires quick thinking and ready-to-use concepts. Therefore JCDecaux would like to have an up-to-date list of demands and wishes of the modern public transport stop and an inspirational concept.

Based on an internal and external analysis, JCDecaux will benefit from an up-to-date shelter design that is sustainable, modular, economical efficient in purchase price and maintenance and ready for implementation of emerging applications.”

The proposed design concept “Pays-Bas” contains an unobtrusive neutral appearance which suits each municipality and traveller. The design is simple and transparent.

The shelter is designed to be infinite extendable in length without any modifications to the construction. Extension is carried out in modules of 1,5 meter. The modules create easy assembling, maintenance and replacement of components.
The two-piece columns are equipped with removable cover panels, which create access to the column spacious cavity. With these feature fasteners, cables and electronics are easily to conceal inside the column.

The findings of the internal and external research have led to the list of demands and wishes, a strategy and a design vision for the creative process. The first stage of the concept development was divided in two parallel creative paths. At one path a solution finding contribution of the product was carried out, whereas at the other path inspiration was conducted. The paths joined each other at the development of a scale model. This model is used for a survey and redesigned to create the final CAD model.

Graduation as an Industrial Designer at Delft University of Technology, the project was carried out at JCDecaux Nederland BV.

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